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Minimum Orders

Cristal M exports based on a minimum order of US$ 350,00 (three hundred fifty dollars). It does not mean you are obliged to acquire US$ 350,00 from only one product. The lots and amounts shown in our web page are simply a suggestion. You may order different products and quantities. We may increase or decrease quantities in a lot, separate pieces and mix products according to your needs. It is the final price of the total order that has to have a minimum of US$ 350,00, not counting freight.

Personalized Orders

Cristal M welcomes all personalized orders. The lots shown in our webpage are simply a suggestion. Feel free to choose only the exact products and amounts that will suit you. If you do not find what you are looking for in our webpage, contact us. We have many other products in stock that we would love to share with you. In addition, we may also make arrangements to provide you, in large amounts, with any product related to crystals, minerals , and stones.

Payment Conditions

According to our policy, the products will be send after confirmation of the payment. Cristal M offer a money back guarantee on all purchase. If you are not satisfied, simply return the merchandise and Cristal M refund your money. It is required that you return the goods in the condition in which they were received, with appropriate packaging and at your own cost.

Shipping Policies

For buy above U$500.00 Cristal M pay the shipping (Economic -15 to 45 days)

Our primary methods of shipment are through our regular mail Correios , the Fedex or Air plane  for orders above 50 kilos. The method used is dependent on the size and weight of each order. Delicate pieces are wrapped in bubble bags to secure no product damages. Your order can be sent in our personalized Cristal M boxes or in iron drums depending on its size and weight.

At the time of shipment, we will send a shipping confirmation e-mail indicating what shipping method will be used and provide you with a delivery confirmation or tracking number for your orders. The choice of the shipping company used is always based on what will be best for the customer.

Time Taken for Order to be Shipped

Crystal M has a large variety of crystals, rocks, minerals and stones in stock. Orders from our stock are shipped quickly after payment confirmation. If by any chance you ordered a product we did not have in stock, delivery dates will be informed by one of our staff members.

Orders Placed Through Cristal M Website

After contacting Cristal M, by registering or contacting us through the web site , you will receive a confirmation e-mail . One of our staff members will then get in touch with you to confirm the order, prices and shipment.

Countries of Shipment

Cristal M may provide its quality products to wholesalers and retailers worldwide, with no country restriction. However, the time of delivery and shipment fees does vary between continents.

Mail Catalogue

All our products come from Nature, and therefore are unique. A printed mail catalogue would not be able to bring pictures of our most special pieces, since they are constantly changing. Having this in mind, we try to keep our web page up to date so our customers may visualize most of our products. We provide true, accurate information concerning sizes and weights for you to choose well your products of interest. If you ever need different pictures of products, more detailed information, or pictures of other angels we will be pleased to send them via e-mail .

If you have any other questions or comments, please don't hesitate in contacting us!

We will gladly assist you the best way possible!


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